Underwear Jacket ~ Joint Post with Dan Kelly

lingerie jacket

a little while back, self-styled ‘vandale de collage’ Dan Kelly (aka Sam Hollywood aka Hollywood Sam) and i exchanged collaging materials by mail

we decided to use only what the other had sent and make a new image each

Dan’s piece, below, is called Just another B Grade ‘no where girl’ on the verge of exploding after a disappointing tarot card reading

and mine, above, is underwear jacket

Dan Kelly Collage


Dan’s art seems like DADA ‘cranked up to 11’

he uses subversive / incendiary / ironic humour to comment on society without ever being pretentious or boring

sometimes he pastes his collages on walls. sometimes he accompanies his pieces with captions, often in French. his Manifesto consists of a recipe for Duck Crapaudine

here’s a piece on Dan’s recent show, Blah Blah Blah, in Australian journal The Courier. his public persona (alter-ego?) is a wrestling-mask-wearing culture vandal called El Graff Boy (there is also a toy El Graff Boy)

here are four of my (current) favourite Dan Kelly / Sam Hollywood things ~

Please Stand By

Candy Butterfly

Chanel: May contain traces of man!

Hollywood Ham

(Dan is also on Facebooooook)

if you haven’t already, CHECK HIM OUT!!!