Guidelines for the writing of Short _____ Poems (like the ones on the blog you are currently reading, i.e: This Blog)

1. Find a photo of a PERSON / ANIMAL / PIECE OF ART or something
2. The person / animal should be COMICAL / UNUSUAL – APPEALING in some way
3. Write a “response” to the photo quickly / intuitively, using the FIRST PERSON. This will be combative to the lyric “I”
4. Honestly.
5. Make the “poem” (RESPONSE) accessible / amusing / DEADPAN / weird
6. Give it a self-explanatory, almost UNNECESSARY title
7. How short is too long?
8. Post the poem on your blog / FACEBOOK / whatever as quickly as possible after writing
9. EXPLETIVES / americanisms can be funny, particularly when “spoken” by a well-known figure, for example JOHN KEATS saying
        i can see fucking infinity from here yo
is quite funny
10. Childishness is OK – this is like a TEENAGE rebellion against “normal” poetry
11. Ironically this kind of poetry is becoming increasingly “NORMAL” in that any number of “internet poems” seem pretty similar or use the same kind of FORMULA. In this sense, these poems (the poems on this blog) could be viewed as parodic or rebelling against the formula they utilise, becoming PARODIES of themselves
12. or not
Thank you for reaching the end i find these kinds of things difficult THANK YOU