Fresh Figs # 5 ~ Danai Gkoni

Danai Tourist

HELLO! new work this week [week 5 of ‘Fresh Figs‘] comes from Danai Gkoni 😀 the collage above is called ‘Touristic Season’ and the one below is ‘Storm is Coming’… here’s Danai’s bio ~ ~ ~

Τhe cities I lived in are constant inspirations as spatial and social conditions ~ those images are dystopic and entertaining at the same time. Coming from the field of architecture I’m deeply interested in the dynamics of space and the built environment, the urban lifestyle and its aesthetics, the pleasure of urbanity as a space of togetherness and isolation at the same time- those are the concepts I try to explore as a digital artist.

Danai Gkoni is an architect and digital artist. She has lived, studied and worked in Greece and the Netherlands. During her studies, she developed a keen interest on the contemporary urban condition. With architectural collage as a starting point, since 2013 she is exploring a particular style of digital illustration- narrating surreal and sometimes dystopic urban stories.

and here are Danai’s tumblr, website and society6

h a p p y t h u r s d a y y a l l ❤

Danai storm

6 comments on “Fresh Figs # 5 ~ Danai Gkoni

  1. kerbey says:

    I went to the neurologist yesterday, and he said I have to eat, wear, and look at more yellow. So I will stare at this image for awhile to get the good joojoo out of it.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      hope the joojoo helped! on a related yellow note, i heard something kind of sad the other day – apparently the yellowness of Van Gogh’s sunflowers is fading year on year due to the cheap paint he used. so catch that classic yellow joojoo while u can!

  2. elmediat says:

    Excellent composition.

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