Fresh Figs #1! ~ Kaitlyn Jo Smith

Kaitlyn 1 JPEG

HELLO!!! ‘Fresh Figs’ (bad title? hmmmm) is a new ‘series’ featuring G O O D new artists who mailed me work after my call for submissions

first up is Kaitlyn! Jo! Smith! Kaitlyn says ~ ~ ~

‘Hi, I’m a young artist from Northwestern Ohio. I work in mixed media, printmaking, sculpture and collage: most of these pieces deriving from a photographic element. My art often includes found imagery/objects and contains themes of nostalgia, femininity, body image and societal pressures.’

Kaitlyn 2 JPEG

here are some ‘computer-links’ to Kaitlyn’s website, wordpress and tumblr

i hope you enjoy her work, more ‘Fresh Figs’ (bad title? hmmmmm) soon!

(btw if you feel like submitting something yourself, please see the ‘guidelines’ here

H a p p y T h u r s d a y, P e o p l e! ! ! [Ben :D]

9 comments on “Fresh Figs #1! ~ Kaitlyn Jo Smith

  1. Geo Sans says:

    modern love
    you were born to have

  2. Reblogged this on Kaitlyn Jo Smith and commented:
    Pretty sweet to be recognized by someone who’s art is so rad!

  3. Hello, Fig says:

    thanks kaitlyn! hope ur gooooood! x

  4. misskutts says:

    You didn’t have an about to i’m just going to express my love for this blog here. I love this post, as I do love the others too. This blog is so quirky, cute and very lively. Did i mention i LOVE figs? Haha keep it up!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      HEEEEEEY! glad to see ur loving the ‘cyber figs’ and the ‘real figs’ hehe! i keep meaning to do an ‘about’…. x

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