‘Edibles’ Launch in West London

Vintage Macro 49 - Copy


i am in London Town this coming Saturday (Sept 6th) eating large, celebratory mouthfuls of lemon meringue pie + reading POEMS to launch my pamphlet EDIBLES

if you either live in London or fancy a pan-continental trek to say ‘HI!’ the launch is at The Rugby Tavern, from 7pm GMT

there will be artisanal cocktails (not really) / nibbles (quite possibly) / actual human beings (me + at least one other)


22 comments on “‘Edibles’ Launch in West London

  1. pinkybinks says:

    I am in London town at the weekend, but am seeing Kate Bush Saturday night!!! What time are you there until?

  2. Lori M-I says:

    Mom advice-Swallow the pie and THEN recite. Break a leg!

  3. I wish I could come!!!!!! Maybe someday I will be able to meet the person who does such magnificent collage work! And now a book. My husband does personality analysis based on what kind of pie one likes. I will ask him what lemon meringue means. It’s like astrology and he could actually predict your personality! Good luck! Enjoy the attention. You deserve it!!!!!!

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  5. MojosWork says:

    Awesome. Go kick their asses with wordplay!

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