28 comments on “why have real when u can have fake?

  1. MrLeo says:

    I love your artworks so much! Btw, have a nice trip to disneyland 😉

  2. Absolutely love this! Have an excellent time at Disneyland!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      cheers, anna! couldn’t respond while i was over there.. it’s a pretty weird, paradoxical place tbh (have u been there?) – on one hand it seems designed to fleece people for every $ / £ they’ve got, but on the other it’s genuinely magical and only exists to entertain / distract. maybe i’m over-thinking this haha. my kids loved it! happy wkend! 🙂

      • I’ve never been to Disneyland before but I can’t wait until the day I get there so I can see the paradox! Did it provide artistic inspiration for your blog and artworks? 😀

      • Hello, Fig says:

        hm, well i guess the whole disney thing has been pretty well satirised before.. but maybe Mickey will pop up somewhere haha 🙂

  3. A very good question indeed. In Today’s Modern World Of The Future ™, it is often a challenge to find the real hidden under the fake. Just look at the garbage being sold in the average supermarket, for example.

    Personally, before starting out on any major endeavor I ask “Why do it right when you can do it wrong?” It has never failed me.


    Air Vice-Marshall (ret) C. Montgomery Price-Pryce, F.R.S., D. Lit., R.N.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      interesting points, m.milberg. here are a couple of bleary-eyed thoughts on a hung-over saturday morning ~ ~

      in terms of food it feels impossible to guarantee ‘realness’ unless we grow produce / keep & slaughter animals ourselves.. god knows what we’re all eating and how it’s affecting us, srsly

      in terms of popular culture (disneyland being a case in point), commercialism inevitably outweighs ‘value’ imo.. the handful of ‘magical’ moments are often sullied by the sense that we’re being ripped off or ‘played’

      BUUUUUUUT there will always be people who want to do things ‘authentically’, and of course we all set our own parameters for what this means – as you said, we need to uncover ‘the real hidden under the fake’

      anyways, hope yr saturday is real as can be, vice-marshall 😉

      • Sorry about your hangover. Disneyland will do that to you. Disneyland is Fake Made Real–a bizarre distillation of the world into safe little tableaux. All of it designed, just like the products of the corporate food industry, TO MAKE MONEY. For your amusement see my blog post on Taco Bell at http://wp.me/p3ckAI-nL

        Even as a kid I thought Walt Disney, his cartoons and Mickey Mouse Club were very creepy. They have a sanitized, Mormon, Christianist feeling to them. He was a big pal of Nazi Werner Von Braun.

        And, even as a kid I was much more interested in things that were a bit strange and showed some real creativity. (Gerald McBoingBoing, for example. A cartoon about a boy who couldn’t speak words but communicated by making sound effects.)

        Thank you for your kind attention…

      • Hello, Fig says:

        ha yep good stuff on Taco Bell.. fast-food is central to the ‘quick-fix’ culture that also gave rise to the economic CRASH i guess, but its long-term effects are less remediable than the economy. for instance, can the massive rise in Autism over the past 10-15 years be linked to the quality of foods we’ve been consuming..?

        yeah i was never a Disney kid to be honest, in fact there were a few years growing up when we didn’t even have a TV.. maybe that’s why i cling to the idea of a creative life as more ‘worthwhile’ somehow, than one spent chasing money. IDK haha

        oh and weirdly, i’ve been studying Philip K. Dick recently.. here’s a little quote about Disneyland and ‘the real’ ~ ‘Suppose some night all of us sneaked into the park with real birds and substituted them for the artificial ones. Imgaine the horror the Disneyland officials would feel… Consternation. The park being cunningly transmuted from the unreal to the real. They would have to close down…’

  4. Plastic

    Made of atoms by tender fingers
    And determined heads
    Of inventors tickling

  5. Hello, Fig says:

    nice, nice, love that :)))))

  6. Willy Nilly says:

    Love the image and message! Next kiss will get a thorny response. But, will he learn? 😳

  7. elmediat says:

    Let them eat fake…….
    Which is better, virtual real food or virtual fake food ?
    When Captain Picard ordered “Ear Grey- hot” from the replicator, was it replicating real Grey or manufactured Grey ?

    Your work never fails to fascinate. I am of the opinion that hands on mixed media art is a response to the digital art trend. It is a way for artists & society to deal with/ respond to world of digital reality and manufactured processes, much in the same way organic & home-grown appeals to a growing unease with food production.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      yeah i think there’s almost an underlying desperation now for ‘realness’ when so much of society is perceived as ‘fake’ – airbrushed models, modified foods etc etc. i guess the paradox with handmade or ‘organic’ art (like the things on this site) is that it’s being shared via a digital medium, so in a sense it’s gone through an artificial ‘filter’.. does this make it any less valid or ‘real’? does it matter how we consume images..?

      and hmmm not sure about yr Star Trek tea question!! one thing i do remember about the Next Generation was the ‘holo-deck’.. still waiting patiently for someone to invent it loooooool 😉 😀

  8. I’ll admit I stopped at this one first because I like Cary Grant a.k.a. Archibald Leech (I that’s how it was spelled). You have an interesting approach – I want to call you work pop art – but not sure if that would be correct. I love the movement and color blended with nostalgia placed together in a collage format – it’s very cool…

    • Hello, Fig says:

      hey ann, yea i’m not sure if it’s strictly ‘pop’ or what ‘pop’ even is, definition-wise.. i don’t have a term for it really haha! any ideas..? 🙂

      • I’m not sure either, photo pop-art consumerism maybe (I threw it together). Kind of like eclecticism – put it all together and it works – maybe (okay it’s a bit of a stretch, but I think it sounds kind of funky cool)

      • Hello, Fig says:

        yea i like ‘eclecticism’ too! seems pretty fitting for the kind of culture we live in and the type of stuff i do i guess 🙂

  9. […] amazing eclectic art pieces over at Hello, Fig. One of my faves recently has been his piece “why have real when u can have fake?“. I love them all though, […]

  10. Miia says:

    You always have such interesting images/art in your blog! Very original.

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