happy halloween!

happy halloween


22 comments on “happy halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween, Hello Fig! Like the doll.Like the collage!

  2. Happy Halloween! When i was small, I used to have doll cakes that look like her! A bit creepy thinking back

    • Hello, Fig says:

      there does seem to be something intrinsically creepy about dolls. i guess it’s the lifeless yet realistic eyes, maybe.. my mum has one from the 50s that is literally terrifying.. it has green hair!!

      • Green hair! I would be terrified walking past the doll at night! Hope it’s locked away somewhere safe. It is their eyes and horror movies!!

      • Hello, Fig says:

        yesss! true, true 🙂 i have a two-year-old daughter who seems to have an affinity with the doll.. maybe it’s cos they both have curly hair! my mum keeps it at the foot of her bed!?

      • It makes sense actually cos like I said, as a child I loved the dolls but now as an adult, they scare me so i assume we have been brainwashed!

  3. evelenmargaret says:

    Happy Halloween too.

  4. scyeung says:

    So reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland! Love it. Happy Halloween 🙂

  5. earthstills says:

    So, ummm, innocent, yet creepy in a Chucky sort of way 🙂

  6. Vassilis says:

    She is a real doll!

    Is she dressed like a doll?

    • Hello, Fig says:

      haha! she’s dressed as a sort of ’60s chick’ i think.. i found this vintage book called ‘how to dress a doll’ in a charity shop 🙂

  7. loupollard says:

    There’s a creepiness to this post that I love.

  8. pinkybinks says:

    Your best work in a while, i think. I love it. Good work. Creepy .I hope all is great.My student work is coming 🙂 Pinks 🙂

    • Hello, Fig says:

      thanks pinky b, i appreciate that 😀 everything’s good apart from i was w/out power for 4 DAYS earlier this week following the storm (you live in england, right?) and the wind’s picking up again outside!! :-// yeeee looking forward to hearing from yr students :DDD

  9. Alice Joy says:

    Fantastically creepy!

  10. pinkybinks says:

    Another strong work Figage. Super creepy, but stylish. Bingo 🙂

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