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28 comments on “gravity

  1. I love this; She really looks like she is rising up through Space. Very nice.

  2. Raji Khatri says:

    Brilliant stuff…brilliant blog…

  3. Raji Khatri says:

    hey can you suggest a pic for my recent blog

  4. Love this one! Could she just be floating freely in space? Thanks for coming by my blog the other day!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      you’re very welcome! you have some interesting pieces on there.. and yeah she definitely cld be floating freely, for sho 😉

  5. toemailer says:

    We would love to post that at toemail if you do not mind? Would credit the artist and lin k to your blog.

  6. Dear Ben, I just wrote a post that could use this pic as it is a bit about women and medicine and finding one’s way within that. Might I set it in my piece and give you loads of credit? I’d set it to whatever your specifications are. Or would you want me to publish first then you can put your image to it if you like? However you wish, I think this comment gives you my email! At any rate, great one as usual!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      Hey, yes please feel free to use the image, no worries! [I’ll email you a jpeg if you’d like..?] Interested to read the eventual post! Ben 😀

      • Oh yay! The copy function should work just fine but I wanted to check by you. I’m in the middle of finals so it may be in a bit, but I am pumped about this one… just a little passionate about women in medicine haha!

  7. Hello, Fig says:

    oh yeah feel free to copy / download, yepyep 😉 glad you’re pumped! and good luck with yr finals! E X C I T I N G!! 😉

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    Hello, Fig!!!

  9. johndwm says:

    This one is the work of art! I assure you!…

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    Swimming to Andromeda!

  11. […] [here’s gravity #1, btw :D] […]

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