future lunch

future lunch


19 comments on “future lunch

  1. elmediat says:

    Raygun Gothic from the Gernsback Continuum – very nicely done indeed. 🙂

  2. pinkybinks says:

    Does your fig have more texture?

  3. Saw Gravity last night. Very comfortable with outer space right now.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      aaaah is that the one w/george clooney? i just got back from blue jasmine.. far more earth-bound / bleak as f*ck, i imagine! cate blanchett may give the performance of my lifetime tho

      • Yes, sorry this is late. George Clooney actually does well.(Gravity) But considering those people had to film that entire movie inside a 9 foot cube on strings holding them up, acting must have been amazingly hard! Computer images were put in later. That’s how they got the bumping into quality of being in Space. Haven’t seen the one w Cate Blanchett. Like her.

      • Hello, Fig says:

        yeah i would like to see gravity.. always been fascinated by space / the universe etc. when i was a kid i thought ‘heaven’ would be floating through the universe, seeing all the other planets and worlds, nebulae and star-births etc, and that’s what happens to everyone, and we’re all partially conscious of it.. or something!!

        anyway, ‘gravity’ obvs gave me the title for my latest post! was struggling with ‘space-jump’ or ‘high-dive’ until i read yr message 😉

      • Flattering that you took the title from our discussion! That’s cool you thought of Heaven as Space and planets. Love the piece you did. Thinking about it this am.You were inspired obviously.

  4. Rosa de los Vientos says:

    I think I prefer the old fig gravatar…but maybe you have a reason 😀

    • Hello, Fig says:

      well, i changed the gravatar to one of myself.. then decided i hate ALL pictures of myself.. but couldn’t get the original fig back, so chose this one instead. nice papaya painting btw, rosa! x

      • Rosa de los Vientos says:

        Well, it is still a nice fig, more fruity 😀
        You should be able to get it back, I changed to a picture of myself for some time and got the old one back again (the painted B version). It was still there in the gravatar section… Pictures of oneself are always a tragedy. I also prefer my papaya. 😛 Thanks.

  5. Is that a shish kabob? haha

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