city bird

city bird

19 comments on “city bird

  1. Extra cool, this one. That’s a great dress. 🙂

  2. hollowjb says:

    If you watch my blog, you will probably see a dress like this one on someone sometime in the future. I don’t think I can resist following your lead.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      hey judith, thank you for the complement x um i can’t access your blog atm, only yr gravatar.. can you send me a link? and yeah i think it could work as a physical dress. wonder if it’d be possible to apply real neon somehow..?!

  3. lolkin says:

    love new design of your blog!

  4. Boryana says:

    It is really a cool idea, but I think it deserves a better execution. The woman’d body looks flat – which you can overcome if you choose different images to for the dress. Right now you have horizontal straight lines – if you replace them with curves there will be immediate improvement. I hope you don’t my constructive criticism – I do it because the idea is so cool.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      hey boryana, i really appreciate yr criticism and ideas, thank you 🙂 i’m very much an amateur collage-maker atm – the stuff you see on here is literally all i’ve made – so i’m still learning how to execute my ideas, but hopefully over time the things i produce will get more sophisticated.. sadly i can’t draw / paint so collage is the medium i’m stuck with (IF YOU’LL PARDON THE PUN!!!) …. aaaanyways, thanks again, and i love yr paintings! ben 🙂

  5. Great sci-fi idea. Imagine the woman wearing a video advertisement dress. Might have to incorporate that into one of my stories. Like it!

  6. frainmalta says:

    Love your creations! so good! 🙂

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