Contemporary Vintage Macro # 33

Vintage Macro # 102 (2)


10 comments on “Contemporary Vintage Macro # 33

  1. Not joking, i absolutely love this style of modeling. Great eye and wonderful collage c

  2. lolkin says:

    subtle. proper facebook experience would be to go all out with a thick permanent marker and some very graphic prints 🙂

    • Hello, Fig says:

      ha! yeah i regretted the crayon as soon as i applied it.. spose you only get one shot at these things tho 😉

  3. I absolutely love this! I don’t think you should regret the crayon, permanent marker might have been too harsh. The crayon leaves a nice texture on the collage too. Okay… er… have a great day!

  4. Yeah, kinda depicts Facebook!

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