20 comments on “the tourist

  1. Vassilis says:

    Young ones are tourists anywhere! Lovely!

  2. rabirius says:

    I wanted to inform you that I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

    You will find more information on the award here:


  3. gpcox says:

    This one takes the cake!!

  4. pomtee says:

    I love this. Where do you find these?

    • Hello, Fig says:

      thanks, pomtee. all over the place really, charity shops, ebay.. i’m like an image magpie or something. the background in this one was taken from a book about warsaw from the 70s and the child was in a fashion magazine called ‘nylon’, i think.. 🙂

      • pomtee says:

        “Image magpie” – well put. Do you find them separately and superimpose yourself, or do you find them as is?

      • Hello, Fig says:

        well, i ‘compose’ the images using scissors / tracing paper / glue, then scan and usually tweak the colouring.. i guess ‘simple collage’ sounds about right. happy thursday! x

  5. jnaima12 says:

    Never too young to develop an artistic eye:)

  6. I do like your concepts and I can see why you like mine (says I presumptuously)

  7. Hello, Fig says:

    thanks, javier! please let me know when the ebook’s available 🙂

  8. The Gables says:

    Hi Fig, thanks for the like. I really appreciate that you stopped by for a look. I have had a browse and really like what I see, I will be back for a visit sometime soon.

  9. dimodeca says:

    This one is beautiful, congratulations! I I think your work is amazing. It’s really captivating. The collages stir lots of feelings at the same time: fun, excitement but they’re also disturbing…really cool. Congrats again, I wish you the best with your creations!

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