the great escape

Vintage Macro # 104 (2)_0001

14 comments on “the great escape

  1. earthstills says:

    Thought provoking…

  2. Lori Straus says:

    This was probably not intended, and feel free to delete this if it doesn’t work for you πŸ™‚ But my sister said she was watching Superman IV today, and it’s the only movie I’m aware of that includes an elevator on the moon. So that was my immediate association πŸ™‚ I wonder what she would’ve done if the cream was in the midst of dumping into the pan and her apron strap had fallen off of her shoulder? As a woman, this is a crucial question to ponder πŸ™‚
    Nice graphic. Thanks for posting!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      is superman 4 the one with dolph lundgren as ‘nuclear man’? never seen it all the way through but an elevator on the moon sounds amazing / weird. where does the elevator go? just off into space? looooool

      i enjoy these old images because they show a tiem we now seem comfortably detached from; like there’s a universally acknowledgeable irony contained in them (or something, i guess, etc).. glad you liked! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Lori Straus says:

        I forget the name of the actor, but yes, Nuclear Man πŸ™‚ I love Reeve – always have, and he still inspires me. Hmm…maybe an idea for a blog post πŸ™‚

        He somehow “traps” Nuclear Man in an elevator car at the Planet, flies it to the moon, and then pounds it in the ground. Since Nuclear Man needed continual energy from the sun, it shut him down. But the doors were open a crack…Oh, I’m sure the suspense is killing you right now πŸ˜‰

        Hmmm…you talk about being comfortably detached from eras gone by. I’m trying to think of any movie star who plays a comic book hero nowadays and understands the responsibility that goes with that. As dorky as those Superman movies were, there was huge FX talent behind them, Reeve definitely had some shining moments, and he used the fourth movie for some of his own activism (if you do watch it, you’ll notice he’s one of the producers and/or writers – I forget which, but he didn’t just star in it).

      • Hello, Fig says:

        yeah i love christopher reeve’s superman, mainly because his clark kent is a total doofus rather than a brooding eyewear model.. a lot of the newer superhero films take themselves too seriously i guess. as a ‘popcorn movie’ i enjoyed the dark knight rises, but felt uncomfortable with the way batman seemed to represent ‘late capitalism’ and bane was like a posterboy for some kind of extreme socialism, or something. whatever happened to a simple good guy vs bad guy fight to the death..?! maybe that’s representative of ‘these modern times’ tho, in a way – no one’s 100% sure who the enemy is anymore.

        ANYWAY! i’m off to watch superman 4! x

  3. Rosa de los Vientos says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! So Funny, my dear Hello Fig.

  4. Elephant says:

    More cooking and strange proportions – I love this one too – can I be too crazy for your collages? Especially cooking and size! We shall see, but for now I entirely approve this!

    • Hello, Fig says:

      haaaaaa thanks elephant! yeah i am quite obsessed with food / consumption (not in the romantic poet, tubercular sense) and space travel! i hope you can never be TOO crazy for my collages πŸ˜‰

      • Elephant says:

        Dear Fig,
        I too have a thing for space, and I respect your “healthy” food as a force sensibility. I will always enjoy the subtle charm of your work, and truthfully I like getting a bit crazy about something that delights me! I still enjoy (in my minds eye) the pancakes and sausage collage ( I loved the way you sort of curved the room around so the woman was right there by the arch and near the breakfast attack). And I like this one too. You have given joy many times to this Elephant!

      • Hello, Fig says:

        that’s a truly wonderful message, thank you elephant πŸ™‚

  5. PANDORA says:

    wow! me encantan tus collage, yo tambiΓ©n soy amante a este arte y he realizo algunos, c, tu diseΓ±os son super inspiradores (: FELICIDADES

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