5 comments on “Vintage Macro # 101

  1. Lori M-I says:

    I don’t know why as your tags don’t imply it but for me this image brought to mind a song lyric

    Beautiful girl lovely dress
    High school smiles oh yes
    Beautiful girl lovely dress
    Where she is now I can only guess
    Cause it’s gone daddy gone
    Your love is gone
    Gone daddy gone
    The love is gone away

    It’s interesting (for me at least) to see how my personal experience and bias alters the interpretation of this image. We’re all playing the game but each and every one of us has our own game board. Cool beans.

  2. Hello, Fig says:

    oh sure 🙂 meant to say, i like reading different interpretations of the ‘things’ i post on here.. cheers cheers 😉

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