Contemporary Macro # 31

Contemporary Macro 31 (2)

16 comments on “Contemporary Macro # 31

  1. RLDraws says:

    I seriously love your blog. 🙂

  2. Hello, Fig says:

    thanks very much indeed 🙂

    your illustrations are great – what medium do you use?

    • RLDraws says:

      Hey! Your reply never popped up. I just stumbled on it. Sorry! I wasn’t ignoring you. Thank you for the kind words. I do 90% of my sketches with pencil and paper and then trace them into Adobe Fireworks. I also work in Photoshop and draw on the ipad sometimes. Easier to fix mistakes in digital. I screw up a lot. lol

      • Hello, Fig says:

        hey, no worries, no worries x yea i love your blend of organic / 21st century, very nice 🙂

        i’d like to start doing more technology-influenced stuff.. my only ‘equipment’ atm is scissors, glue and a 60 quid scanner loool

  3. Rey Marz says:

    This is so good, really glad I came across your blog. Interesting stuff!

  4. I can control the wind. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about my life…

  5. mbfitzmahan says:

    Very creative! Would like to know more about your process. And, how and why you came up with these thought provoking images.

    • Hello, Fig says:

      hey, thank you 🙂 there’s a bit about my ‘process’ re: earlier posts here

      about the macros, i try to only source images that are being used to sell products – mainly adverts in vintage / contemporary magazines. i guess this was inspired by andy warhol to an extent and also by dada readymades – a pre-existing object / image / text that is ‘remixed’ and made into something else, or at least given a different context

      i like the idea of filtering comments on ‘society’ through images that were designed to manipulate society, and trying to subvert or highlight the absurdity of that process

      but hmmmmmmmm wow i don’t know.. i also just want to be dumb and funny most of the time 😉 😉

      • mbfitzmahan says:

        Thank you for your interesting reply. How interesting. Let’s keep up the conversation. I like talking about art.

        You are funny. I also am interesting in your following the footsteps of the dadaists and questioning the advertising industry. I look forward to more.

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