Four Winter Meals I Survived as King

apple pie poisoned with cyanide
roast beef poisoned with capers
treacle tart poisoned with arsenic
lasagna poisoned with fresh horse


13 comments on “Four Winter Meals I Survived as King

  1. Marthafied says:

    LMAO@ the last one…

  2. Hello, Fig says:

    bianca stone did the images

    it’s deadpan, like this –

    are yours kind of translations or…

  3. Hello, Fig says:

    Hey, sorry, I was just watching Anna Karenina…

    Yeah I guess I mean have you used Greek mythology as a source? I’m kind of ignorant about those stories…

    Thanks for all the likes!!!

    • No problem. Yeah, I was just trying to repay the compliment initially and check out what you had going on … but went a little psycho … digestible stuff … yet provocative as well.

      I’m using Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy … but, it’s more of a guide. I manipulate things a little to keep myself entertained … but, the point of each scene is to speculate as to how regular folk might’ve interpreted a particular school of thought …

      I will read a chapter, take a little while to process it intellectually, then allow a viscerally driven duologue (usually humorous) to happen (through a modern filter) between the immortal nobody (whose name changes when he gets bored. currently it’s Pistosi, Greek for “credit”) and some random person.

  4. Hello, Fig says:

    Well, I really like what you’re doing.. seems original and yep, like there’s something else going on under the surface… using Russell as a model / guide but keeping things accessible / funny — good work, guy

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