The Backlists Poem #1

I’ll be posting a poem every day this week from my new pamphlet – The Backlists, which is available now from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press.



Honey-spoon {&} dry cereal no milk
he always had less hair does that mean
something the paediatrician said
humming the 20th Century Fox theme
{&} spinning in a circle prevents
fingernails / teeth / eardrums / limbs
{&} all the other children can stop
eyes rolling back in sockets rolling
back the fingernails / teeth / eardrums
other kids understand horses
trample if provoked > now play fire
engines / helicopters / NORMAL
all the way happy > sad to adulthood
expect the worst nothing > best
maths you do the maths {&} tell teachers
murdering the 20th Century Fox logo
American / no he pretends to be
too much television yes overstimulation
idiosyncratic > words are supposed to
mean the 20th Century Fox theme
Eight NINE Ten ELEVEN Twenty
TEN in the dark, build a forest of toys



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